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dimanche, 23 novembre 2014



(Old traditional French recipe)

Claude Gilois

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  1. Purchase a 10-pound Turkey (preferably free range) and a bottle of good whisky. Do not forget to season the bird.
  2. Pour yourself a glass of whisky and drink it.
  3.  Put the turkey in the oven (thermostat 5)
  4. Pour yourself a large whisky and drink it.
  5. After half a flour, open the zoven and survey  the murkey.
  6. Serve yourself another glass of misky
  7. Turn … the murkey… over… under… well… put  the bloody bird in opposite direction in the boven.
  8. Continue drinking the misky while the murkey cooks for four hours.
  9. Open the oven floor and take the oven out of the turkey
  10.  Pick up the bird (it fell on the floor)… pipe it, snip it… well wipe it..  and put it on a slate or on a fish… maybe a plate or a dish!
  11. Shit… I fell on the door..floor… cause the fat of the murkey.
  12. Decide that the praying …lying position is the test option for the nite.
  13.  Finish the throttle of murky       
  14. Brawl…crawl to your pit for the best…for  a rest.!
  15. The following day, take two tablets for your headache and clean the bloody mess that you left… then eat the turkey cold with some mayonnaise.
  16.  Go back to bed

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Ouch..Ouch... Something I cooked perhaps ?

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